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My name is Mike Stafford - and this is my story:

Over the past 20 years I have owned & operated several small businesses, and by far the best has been the Estate Sales business!

Over the past 5 years, focusing primarily on Estate Sales, I have made some important connections to help my business grow. I am now offering that expertise, and those connections, to help you grow a Franchise Estate Sales business! 

If you have ever dreamed of doing something unique and fun, while at the same time helping others, this is your chance!

Just read the Headlines, or listen to the News - as more people are retiring, and more assisted living homes and condos are being built, Estate Sales companies are the obvious choice for retiring couples and individuals needing to liquidate their belongings.

And - as more "Shabby Chic", "DIY", and "Second Hand" stores are popping up, Professional Estate Sale companies have no shortage of regular buyers! Our email list is top-heavy with buyers looking for vintage goods to meet their own customer's demands.

An average week for Stafford Estate Sales nets 5 new calls - that equates to a potential of 260 sales calls per year. Over the last 5 years, bookings from those Leads have averaged 2 to 3 Estate Sales per month.

Stafford Estate Sales is recognized as one of the best Estate Sales Companies in our region, and we attribute this partly to accepting fewer sales, and focusing on providing the best service for the very best customers!

There is money to be made in volume and there are many ways to conduct an Estate Sale, including onsite and online auctions. A new Franchisee can take on business in an extended area, or by auctions!

In the last year we have added 2 new franchises – One in the Washington, DC area and another in the counties north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Damion Dowler & Shannan Fales – Area Directors
Stafford Estate Sales

DC / Southern Maryland / Annapolis / Northern Virginia area

Phone: 202-368-3865

Steven Stafford – Area Director
Stafford South

Alpharetta / Roswell / Milton, Georgia

Phone: 678-478-6143

We have a tried and true method to attract new customers and to promote our sales. As a Franchisee of Stafford Estate Sales, you would have access to all of our proven methods of generating leads, booking sales, and attracting buyers to those sales.

The Estate Sales Business is just starting to take off!

Get Started Now - and become the Estate Sales Leader in your area!

Here is another added benefit to this business:

This year I had the opportunity to buy 2 of the houses I conducted Estate Sales for, which created new opportunities and great investments. If your long term goal is to diversify your business, or to create multiple streams of income, the Estate Sales Business may be right for you.

If you are interested in a franchise or would like to start your own Estate Sales company, my business model has proven extremely successful!

If you are a go-getter; an entrepreneur by nature; someone willing to work hard to achieve your goals; then give me a call, shoot me a text, or send me an email.

If you have a team of people you can count on, then let’s get started. A Stafford Estate Sales Franchise is your vehicle to take you to some interesting places!

Call, text, or email today:

Mike Stafford